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How To Made Audi TT,RS…

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2016 Honda NSX Motor Show

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1987 BMW e30 320i

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30ft Flamethrower exhaus

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2015 Shmeemobile

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Best 2015 KIA Novo Concept

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TRDLZR – The BEST song ever about modified cars!!

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The Ultimate DIY Mod Guide – Season 1 Finale

739 Views0 Comments This TV length episode from the boys at Mighty Car Mods sees a new project car (funded by viewers) turned into a fully fledged race car. And they show you exactly how to do it yourself.

Fake Turbo VS Real Turbo Sound – Mighty Car Mods

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How To Reflash Your ECU

875 Views0 Comments Mighty Mods take you behind the scenes to show you the process of getting an ECU reflash. This episode we're working on the Mighty Mods MK4 VW GTI because Marty noticed it was the slowes...

How To Install a Tacho Gauge

713 Views0 Comments The boys from Mighty Car Mods install a monstrously oversized tacho in their secret project car which will be revealed in the season finale.

Hong Kong Special – Mighty Car Mods

909 Views0 Comments Mighty Mods receive a request from a viewer to shoot a race in an exotic overseas location. But just what can they do with a $0 budget? Watch and find out.

Creating The Ultimate VW Golf GTI

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How To Time Travel

795 Views0 Comments This episode the boys from Mighty Car Mods test drive an original 1981 DeLorean to see if it really is possible to travel through time if you hit 88mph...

Wideband Oxygen Sensor Install

703 Views0 Comments Mighty Car Mods install a wideband oxygen sensor kit into the March SuperTurbo, which is one of the best ways to monitor your cars tune,

Boost Leak Tester DIY

806 Views0 Comments We make a home made boost pressure leak tester for our turbo car from parts you can get from your local hardware store for around $10. We found a pesky leak in our custom intercooler pip...

How to Wash Your Car Properly

610 Views0 Comments After numerous requests from all over the world, we've put together an episode showing some techniques for looking after the exterior of your car

Nissan March Super Turbo

728 Views0 Comments The Mighty Car Mods team add a very unique (extreme 80's turbo nugget!) car to the Mighty Mods Garage...

Backyard Car Stereo Install

705 Views0 Comments Marty is away and MOOG is left to try and install a stereo by himself. This Episode we show you how to install a CD player and speakers. So easy anyone can do it in under 2 hours. Mighty...

How to paint your brake calipers DIY

678 Views0 Comments The Mighty Car Mods team show you how to paint your cars brake calipers to improve the appearance of your mighty ride

Blow Off Valve GTIR Plumbing How To

720 Views0 Comments This Episode the boys from Mighty Car Mods show you how to install a blow off valve on a car that has quad throttle bodies. We're installing on the Mighty Mods GTiR.

How to Install a Front Mount Intercooler

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How To Install Boost Gauge DIY

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How To Install a Blow Off Valve DIY

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How To Steam Clean Car DIY

698 Views0 Comments This episode the Mighty Car Mod team show you how to remove Human Slime from the interior of your car with steam cleaning. We show you how to restore the original look of the factory sea...

How To Restore Blackness To Your Car

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How To Roll Your Guards DIY

762 Views0 Comments After fitting aftermarket wheels and tyres, you can get problems with wider tyres rubbing on the guards so in this episode we address that problem... Also something to note around Mig...

DIY Car Security Killswitch

724 Views0 Comments In this episode the team from Mighty Car Mods show some basic car security ideas. The last thing you want is a thief driving off with your mighty ride, we show you a simple, and inexpens...